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Genealogy/Aeneas Hugh Macdoanld b ? d 1841 Nantwich Cheshire


Hello Charlotte

My g grandmother's was Isabella Hough (macdonald) and her death certificate (NZ) has the above listed as her father. I have located his death in Cheshire (1841 prior to Census) and marriage in 1824. However, he is called Hugh in marriage to Harriet Daniels and Agnes (Angus?) Hugh on burial record. I have no birth record for him as yet. His son, also baptised (Nantwich 1837) as Hugh, but in Army Records he is Angustus or Augustus Hugh MacDonald. From research it appears that Aeneas can also be Angus, but I wonder why the baptism for Hugh Jnr and death for Hugh Snr have Angus as their first name.

There is a Scottish theme to this as Isabella Macdonald appears on 1851 Census in Inverness with the Andrew Cowie family of Inverness. She is listed as a visitor, born Stafford, which is correct. Isabella's parents were both dead by 1841. And Marjory Cowie, wife of Andrew was a Macdonald, with parents being Isabella Fraser and Hugh Macdonald. I have the marriage for Andrew and Marjory in Inverness but sadly no birth for Marjory. I am hoping that my Hugh and Marjory were related, hence Isabella being with them in 1851.

My question is really about the naming methods In Scotland so I can stay on track and understand a little more.  My father was named Colin Aeneas and his brother named Bruce Macdonald so it appears that the
family were keen to retain these names.

Any help to clarify the naming issue would be most helpful.

With thanks



I would suggest in the first instance searching for the death of Marjory Cowie/Macdonald to ascertain her parentage. It is difficult to then search backwards due to the surname of Macdonald which is the most common "mad/mc" surname in Scotland - a bit like Smith or Brown. The only records prior to civil registration are the old Parish Registers of the Church of Scotland and 40% of the population were not members of this church.

If you would like me to pursue this contact me privately on and we can discuss the possibility of further research either by yourself or myself.



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