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Laney Jacobs
Laney Jacobs  

Lany Smith
Lany Smith  
how to know if you have come across the correct record in the census (Southern Histories for of Color)?

Can't figure if a record is my ancestor or not.

pre 1870 records for people of color are hard to trace, if you don't know if your ancestors listed birth is correct or if your ancestor was free before 1865.

This is my ancestors record below. I'm trying figure if  Laney Jacobs is the same person as my ancestor Laney Smith.

Name:   Lany Perry
[Lany Smith]
Age in 1870:   24
Birth Year:   abt 1846
Birthplace:   Georgia
Home in 1870:   Militia District 137, Thomas, Georgia
Race:   Black
Gender:   Female
Value of real estate:   View image
Household Members:   
Name   Age
Smith Perry   25
Lany Perry   24
Mary Perry   70
Mary Jane Perry   5
Lucy Perry   3

Name:   Lacey Smith
Age:   36
Birth Year:   abt 1844
Birthplace:   Georgia
Home in 1880:   Thomasville, Thomas, Georgia
Race:   Mulatto
Gender:   Female
Relation to Head of House:   Wife
Marital Status:   Married
Spouse's Name:   Perry Smith
Father's Birthplace:   Georgia
Mother's Birthplace:   Georgia
Neighbors:   View others on page
Occupation:   Keeping House

Household Members:   
Name   Age
Perry Smith   36
Lacey Smith   36
Lucie Smith   13
Hardy Smith   12
Mattie Smith   10
George Smith   9
Fayn Smith   6
Hattie Smith   4
Junie Smith   2
Ola Smith   9m

The one I found at 1850 census, could very well be her-although it's in NC.   She and her family are NOT listed as "slaves" but farmers.  About the right age.  I copied that 1850 census but can't seem to get it on here.

Don't worry about small differences in DOB, that's common.  Also, I have NEVER seen a record of a "slave that didn't say so.

How can you be absolutely sure, that's not always going to be easy for anyone. My suggestion is for the time being rely on what you have so far and feel that's correct.

Slave records as such were OFTEN, keep very well, not always for the nicest of reasons.

Also, you might try

Good luck!

Many Southern records were destroyed during the civil war, however, the UNION, may have tried to preserve "slave" records if possible.

Lancy Ann Jacobs in the 1850 United States Federal Census
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Name:   Lancy Ann Jacobs
[Laney Ann Jacobs]
Age:   7
Birth Year:   abt 1843
Birthplace:   Robeson
Home in 1850:   Southern Division, Robeson, North Carolina, USA
Race:   Mulatto (Black)
Gender:   Female
Family Number:   29
Household Members:   
Name   Age
William Jacobs   24
Lisa Jacobs   30
Amanda Jacobs   9
Lancy Ann Jacobs   7
Clarissa Jacobs   5
Sarah J Jacobs   4
Polly Jacobs   2
Catharine Jacobs   0
Solomon Oxendine   17
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