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Genealogy/research on McDaniel family in North and South Carolia



  I have been interested in my family's genealogy for some time and began to my own research. I have gotten fairly far on my own but have gotten to the farthest I think I can get with out any help.

 On my mothers side they have said we were scot-irish, but I can't be certain. Her family has been in the Carolina area for several generations but I can't find anything earlier than the 1780s since that is around the time they immigrated. There are a few families from England as well that I have a hard time tracking down.

 What would be the best way to go about finding information in these areas?

 Thank you for your time.


I only undertake research in Scotland so cannot help you unless you find a definite lead back to here. You would have to employ an English researcher to help you with the English side but again you will need to have a definite lead for the researcher to follow.   I would suggest that you continue with your research in Carolina until you can find a lead back to the UK.

I am sorry I cannot be of more help than this.



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