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Genealogy/2 questions: software & long-distance research



I have two questions.  1)What is the best genealogy software?  I have abt. 600 names in my Ancestry Tree, but I would like to get my own software.   

2) I am of African descent on father's side, Rocky Mount/Edgecombe cty., the family having moved to Richmond, VA.  My paternal grandparents' names were Battle and Little.  The Battle surname is extremely pervasive throughout NE NC, as there were several families owning large numbers of slaves.  

Regarding the Little surname, I have ancestors traced back to the 1830's, but I am not certain they are in my lineage.  Also, if they are listed in records, there is a good chance that they were free persons of color.  

I am really stumped.

I would like to make a trip to NC to do in-depth research.  To make it as productive as possible, I was wondering if there is an organization which can advise me on which Battle family group enslaved my ancestors and/or do preliminary research verifying and/or expanding on what info I have.

Please help me with what else I can do from here (RI), and what the NC org. can do, if such org. exists.

Thank you, Jacqueline.

There is s LITTLE tree at

I guess you'd have to join. They go way back/OR at least my LITTLE'S go back to 1830's-but they were in PA.

I worked with a Jackie BATTLE, years ago in Southern MD. So they DID move around.  My maiden name was LEWIS, so that's my Southern side (the ones I have been researching the most.

You can buy that Family Tree Maker" and upload it to many sites some are free. has some of my family tree.

The BATTLE family is one I'm not familiar with as far as slavery- they were probably nt a major family- or "note-able" one at that time.

I still have a site at but that costs.

As you probably know www.ancestry will make a book out of your findings for a price.  I just copied my own.  My deceased husband's family has a whole organization and a full book on their family-HANDIBOE.

In addition to the above  you may try again at

The Battle Family - to return to spellings of the name existed before 1066 when our ancestral line of the Battle family moved into England from Normandy. Such spellings were De ...
FamilySearch Catalog: The Battle book : a genealogy of the ... Battle book : a genealogy of the Battle family in America, with chapters ... by Lois Yelverton and issued under the supervision of William James Battle.
The Battle book : a genealogy of the Battle family in America ... Inc.Original data: Battle, Herbert Bemerton,. The Battle book : a genealogy of the Battle family in America, with chapters illustrating certain phases of its history.
Battle - Surnames -
Research Battle in the Surnames forums on, the new GenForum! ... Original Battle Family Heirlooms on Joy Shivar 7/18/14.

Good luck with your search, hope this helps a little.

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For about 15 yrs., I have been "specifically" attempting to do some of my "own" family research. I have been concentrating on the Southeast US and certain "surnames" maybe I can help a few people. Especially perhaps in the DC/VA/NC/MD states-going back to in some cases the 1700s.


I have been doing research in the VA/MD/DC/NC area's of the US.
I also, have been doing some -research on certain "Old Virginia" families.

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