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General Dating Questions/boyfriend broke up with me pregnant


sammy wrote at 2010-02-25 07:45:10
the truth,

I've read your response over and over again,and every word rings so true to me. i think you are full of wisdom and feel so lucky to run across this post. i am even tempted to print it out and keep it with me when i need to be reminded. my situation has the same ending as the story above only i broke off the relationship with a guy i thought i knew for ten years. we were friends first then dated seriously for two and a half. Broke up and i realized i couldn't live without him a little over a year after the breakup. Hoping he would still feel the same, only this time it was like dating someone that was totally unavailable emotionally. I understood the reaction to an extent because he was hurt our relationship ended the first time, and i halfway understood his attitude now and felt it was a little deserved.Fast forward a year no change still emotionally unavailable, and not willing to commit to boyfriend/girlfriend status. Getting pregnant was an accident i was even on birth control! In hopes i thought surly his attitude and perception would change once he found out about the pregnancy, but to no avail. Still i was in limbo, he would say things sometimes like " i want you to know i'm thinking about things" which just gave me temporary peace of mind. I think being in emotional term oil and the thoughts/questions of am i good enough, attractive, or is this person  seeing or looking for someone else that they think is better? is total hell! But i guess you do and except crazy things when you love someone. i think the right thing for me was to think about the child and do what best for the child, and to do that i needed to be healthy emotionally.He didn't seem upset about the breakup i even got the feeling he was relieved in a way. now he's friendly and tells me how he says nice things about me to his co-workers and friends. I find it a little strange he feels the need to tell me that. But i guess this entire situation is a little strange and maybe that's a guys way to save face in front of there friends and co workers??

Thanks again the truth your words were an inspiration to me!

vivian wrote at 2013-02-11 14:09:51
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