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General Dating Questions/My boyfriend treats his daughter like a wife


annie wrote at 2009-09-30 23:25:53
Thw women should not put up with that and she should move on, he and his daughter obviously have issues, if the last gf ended because of this situation, i would say leave now, its disrespectful to you and they need to stay alone, she seems to actually be the only one he cares about, he will throw you over a bridge for deserve better.

mares wrote at 2009-10-16 23:17:50
I have a very similar situation going.  I am 49, my bf is 53.  His daughter is 17 going on 11 and she does not let her dad out of her sight.  I have been with this man for more than 3 years now and the problems have only gotten worse.  I have had things disappear (one shoe from my favorite pair, my purse) when I have been over there.  She is very passive aggressive with me -- she has no friends and would prefer to spend her Saturdays and Sundays with her dad.  I have spoken with her dad very honestly about this.  He has agreed that things are "weird." But when it actually comes to being able to do something about it, this otherwise lovely man is impotent.  In a way, I think he is scared to death of his daughter having any kind of problem/issue with him.  I have finally come to the conclusion that he will always throw me under the bus to protect her and will do almost anything to avoid confronting her with her/their issues.

Been There Too wrote at 2015-10-26 01:52:50
Wow! I realize how many years have gone by since this was posted, but I just found it and need to comment.

My "boyfriend" does the same thing with his daughter who is in her late twenties and recently married. I was there when he received the news that she was getting married, and his reaction was pure jealousy, although he seems to like the guy now.

Over a year ago camping, he got drunk and has no memory of this. I was asleep. I woke up to him calling me by his daughter's name and saying that he and her mum didn't want to hurt her...he just wanted to make her feel good. And, he attempted to give me oral sex calling me by her name!

He raised her too. He took her and her brother away from their mother who was a drug addict. The brother, lives in another state, but they seem close too when he visits him. Although, dad believes that the son is not his, just the daughter. Daughter lives nearby, of course.

His daughter hates me, and he literally never takes me out at all- just her. I'd love to know if her husband knows or suspects what I think? I was a victim of sexual abuse by my grandfather, and while I don't know if she was abused, I know he is 'IN LOVE' with his own daughter. She looks exactly like his ex-wife too, whom he loved very much and she cheated on him to get drugs with his friends while they were married.

I rarely see this guy now. We seem to have become acquaintances, not even friends any longer. So, no comments about being with him, lol. I was just drawn to comment on my own experience in a very similar situation.

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