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Oscar wrote at 2012-10-26 14:28:35
Love has to do with duty as well as happiness. The coward runs rather than make any effort to mutually work out a problem. Perhaps your situation can't be resolved, and that would be a shame, but rather than trust your future happiness to a forum such as this, you might consult with older people who have successful relationships. True, that's ever more rare, because these days one and all seem ready to cut and run at the first sign of difficulty, but situations such as these CAN be resolved, regardless of what the rather inarticulate previous commenter advises.  

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I can answer any general relationship / dating questions.


I worked as a certified nursing assistant in a psychiatic facility / hospital part time and full time for many years and my job was listening to patients who had relationship and other problems and giving them advice to help them cope with depression, suicidal behavior and thoughts, loss of a relationship or marriage, sexual issues and diseases, unwanted pregnancy, infidelity, abusive relationships, interracial relationships, prostitution, rape, incest, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and abuse etc. and in Nursing Homes taking care of elderly patients. I am very inquisitive and have always asked alot questions on various subjects, which has made me quite knowledgeable in general. I also have read many books on relationships and dating etc. and if I do not know the answer to a question to a question I will research it until I find the correct answer or send them to someone who does but I will not pretend I know about something that I do not. Also my entire life since I was very young many of my friends, co-workers and even strangers have told me their problems and expected a sincere and candid answer I have always heard that I appear to be a good person who can be trusted and I am.

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High school with some college. I have worked in government for many years in personnel, personnel management, as a certified correctional officer and training instructor for male and female law enforcement officers where my job duties required me to instruct, counsel and advice hundreds of employees on policies and procedures and how to carry themselves. I was a certified nursing assistant for many years and helped hundreds of patients with daily grooming and mental and physical difficulties etc. I worked on a pediatrics intensive care unit for many years as a ward clerk and besides my normal duties I helped take care of very sick children (prenatal thru teenagers)feeding, taking care of and reading to them, changing diapers, helping bath, medications, injections etc.

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