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Mapexstar wrote at 2015-09-07 05:26:45

Don't give up all hope. Perhaps she changes her mind, and you can figure out a way to make long-distance work. Maybe you'll agree to see other People, but still see each other when she visits home or if you cross paths somewhere else. It's possible that she'll not want to continue what you had when she moves away. If this is the case, don't Interpret this to mean that your Feelings aren't mutual. I know this because I was seeing a Girl for a month (we had worked together for a while Prior to this Point), and I made the decision to move to a different Country in Europe. I was crazy about this Girl, but the circumstances of this particular chapter in my life allowed me to Focus on my new Adventure and not too dwell on her too much. Perhaps under different circumstances, we can rekindle what we had and so can you maybe.

The important Thing for you is to be honest with her about how you feel. Tell her straight up, but also be cool about it. Respect her decision to move, and don't become needy or try persuade her to come back. Stay in touch if it's not too difficult for you, but also get on with whatever else you do in your life. If you do that, she'll have mad respect for you, remembering you as you were when you were together not a needy and emotional wreck ex-boyfriend/guy she was seeing. This is also going to majorly improve your chances of getting back together under different circumstances in the future.

Hope this helps! And all the best.

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