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QUESTION: Hello!!  My name is Lance, and I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about 6 months now.  I love her very very much and we recently got over a big fight that almost broke us up.  Anyway!  My problem is I have never been insecure or worrysome in a relationship before, ever.  I am with this girl.  I worry that she isn't actually doing what she tells me she is doing.  I need to point out that we live about two hours from each other and see each other just about every weekend.  I have recently been feeling distant from her though.  Unimportant.  Like she isn't really putting forth as much effort to make me feel loved and wanted and needed as much as I am for her.  We both made it clear that we need to try harder to make each other feel wanted, and she was for a while, but now she has kinda stopped.  I feel like I'm not providing her with something in this relationship that she needs and that she is going to go find it with another man.  I also need to point out that we have only had sex once.  and it was a month ago.  She seems reluctant to make love to me, and it makes me feel inadequate and unattractive.  I'm sorry, but I'm a normal human male that adores the chance to make love to this woman.  And after we make love, all of my worries I have disappear.  They just go away.  I just would like help and incite in this.  =[[  I am 20 and she is 21.  What is going on!? lol

Thank you!

ANSWER: i would need her side of the story as well...your issues with her could be reasonable, or you could be too needy; what exactly do you want besides the sex that she's not giving you? for the sex, have you talked to her as to her reluctance?

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QUESTION: Well, she almost never compliments me. lol  The only time she does is after I compliment her. lol I don't feel like any sort of priority.  I feel like she doesn't care if I'm around or not.  I don't feel like she wants my pressence, or like she doesn't care.  Like I'm just a bonus in her life she takes for granted. lol ya know?

so tell her...but if you have to tell her, what's it worth?..maybe she acts like that because she doesn't really care very much--the non-interest in sex leads to that conclusion; lower expectations to zero, stop contacting, meet/date others..see if this approach makes her realize what she's missing--if not, you're wasting your time with her...

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