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QUESTION: There is this girl in uni who seems to act weird around me. I first met her when a group of us went to a club via a college bus. She was surrounded by a lot of guys yet i didn't see what the fuss was about so i just relaxed with my friends. Soon, she moves to come sit with me and after a while starts hitting me - she was a little tipsy. Later during the night according to my friend, she see's me talking a group of girls and she walks away. I didnt see her at all during this but i would have continue speaking to her if i saw her. So when we go back home on the bus, she completely ignores me even when i try to speak to her - which i thought was rude of her.
Now whenever we see other at college, she gives me weird looks all the time. I made small talk to her but she remains quiet most of the time. Yet when she's with other guys, she's loud and vocal - I don't get it. Did i do anything wrong? I saw her yesterday cos we were sitting in the same area in the library - i spoke to her friend, gave her a friendly smile but she just gives me a blank stare most of the time.
Does she hate me or did i do something wrong? Even from afar i saw her looking at me -_-

ANSWER: Ok, so this girl is playful with you and other guys while she's drunk but not when she's sober?  
You are thinking (and caring) too much about this.  The girl was drunk.  They act stupid when they're drunk and usually don't remember most of what they did the next day.  She's probably wondering why you keep staring and looking at her....that's why you're getting a weird vibe from her.  I'd totally ignore her and just think of her as the irresponsible drunk slut that she appears to be.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well last week in a club, I saw her and I remember she asking me "Where is my girlfriend?" and that point I thought to myself , how does she know i had a girlfriend when I never told her anything. I dont have one now but I was wondering if her friend told her about my situation.

Maybe your right - maybe im over analysing things. I was sitting with the girl and her friend yesterday in the canteen for a bit and she seemed normal , as in barely no IOI's (interest signals) although we were talking about normal stuff such as films and plans, basic stuff. She was more into her phone though whilst I was chatting with her friend. She did ask me where I'm from though... I think by just talking with her about various topics will help.
But I'm that bothered if she likes me, just wanted some practise .

What do you think?"

You said it correctly.  You are WAYYYYYY over analyzing things.  The proof of that is by you simply saying, "...she seemed normal, as in barely no IOI's (interest signals).  

Women hate to be ignored more than anything.  I would venture to guess that everytime you're NOT talking to her, is when she has something to say to you.  If you like the girl, you should tell her.  If she doesn't feel the same way, no big deal.  At least you'll know and won't be driving yourself crazy with potential mind games.

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