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There is this girl in uni who seems to act weird around me. I first met her when a group of us went to a club via a college bus. She was surrounded by a lot of guys yet i didn't see what the fuss was about so i just relaxed with my friends. Soon, she moves to come sit with me and after a while starts hitting me - she was a little tipsy. Later during the night according to my friend, she see's me talking a group of girls and she walks away. I didnt see her at all during this but i would have continue speaking to her if i saw her. So when we go back home on the bus, she completely ignores me even when i try to speak to her - which i thought was rude of her.
Now whenever we see other at college, she gives me weird looks all the time. I made small talk to her but she remains quiet most of the time. Yet when she's with other guys, she's loud and vocal - I don't get it. Did i do anything wrong? I saw her yesterday cos we were sitting in the same area in the library - i spoke to her friend, gave her a friendly smile but she just gives me a blank stare most of the time.
Does she hate me or did i do something wrong? Even from afar i saw her looking at me -_-

Hi Dan, I'm willing to bet she's probably a pretty girl and that's why guys like to huddle around her. But, she could be relatively shy in certain cases. Like with people she likes possibly. I have seen countless guys and girls who'll be loud and hyperactive, talkative, etc. Then when they're around a person they like they can barely talk so they ignore them or look away. It's usually a psychological protective thing.

She was a bit tipsy and then came to talk to you. She probably liked you then which is why she did. And when you're tipsy or drunk period, you can get over some psychological issues. This is why you see someone say they need a drink after or before something big, to help their mind get at ease before something goes down.

She flirts with you, then sees you with some other girls later and gets a bit upset and goes back to being shy because she may think she embarrassed herself and you don't like her back. She however, is still into you. So, that's what I can get out of this. But, it's up to you on what to do about it. The best thing to do is to simply go up to her and directly speak to her. Tell her you need to talk with her. And if you feel like you like her, tell her. This is probably the best way to go about things in this situation.

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