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My girlfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for half a year. Recently (last week) she became increasingly distant, she is a mother of one 4 year old boy. We are both in our twenties, I'm 21 she's 29. She normally would call me after work and text every now and then after when she was home, over the first days of the week she slowly stopped speaking to me, we had about one 5 minute conversation on the phone and she told me she was letting me go to call a friend which isn't like her. She didn't text at all other than good night. Come the next day, she doesn't speak to me at all. I ask around thirty minutes after she was suppose to get off (she needs to stay late sometimes and get her files in order) I asked "uh, are you off yet?" Her response was "yes, I'm busy" I said okay and her response was "and I don't appreactiate the 'uh' in your text like you were expecting me to text" I promptly stated that I didn't mean for it to come across that way and apologized. I thought things were okay between us but she ignores me until I finally send an email the next night asking why she is increasing her distance from me. She states that she is trying to spend more time wish she never really said anything about before and she also says she's still pissed off at me for the other night. I apologized several more times until she finally got that I made a mistake and that I truly was sorry, I thought it was alright until she sent me one last email that said "Well I'm tired of all the lying and the bullshit." I said "I messed up but I didn't lie." I have lied to her in the past about my families history because it is not one I'm proud of. She has not yet spoken to me and it has been two days since that email. I sent two emails after her last stating that I was sorry and hoped that she would forgive and another saying I hope she has a good day with her son and I would be thinking of her. Am I doing the right things? I don't want to separate from her, I love this girl so much and she has said in the past she has seen a future with me that she hasn't seen with another man. Will she forgive me for this? Are my actions to get her to forgive me in the right? Thank you in advance.

Let me be straight with you as an outsider with no emotional interest in this.  She's looking for a reason to break up.  I mean seriously...Is putting "uh" in a text message worth not talking to someone you care about for 3 days?  This all of a sudden distance from you is likely time being spent with someone else.  You gotta remember, you're long distance.  You can't give her the emotional connection over the phone that some schmuck can do in person.  

Let me give you a good test.  Don't call, text, or email her again.  If she's just playing childish games, she won't be able to handle you not doing so and she'll reach out to you.  You can re-engage from there.  If you don't hear from her, then she unfortunately made my point and you'll likely never hear from her again.

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