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I like this guy soo much and he knows it too. He was dating my friend keeps breaking up with her a few days later. Well i want to be with him and i keep feeling that he is looking at me and when i turn i see him staring back. And he is doing that funny grin face of when you are in love with someone. Why is he staring at me when he is the one who is popular?

...because he's a whore.  If that's really your "friend", and it doesn't sound like it is, you wouldn't care if he were looking.  In fact, you think he was a POS for doing so.  From what I see, he's a bad boyfriend, and you're a bad friend.  Maybe you too are perfect for each other.

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I have been a relationship counselor in various aspects for over 15 years. I have counseled people from the lowest levels of the community to the highest. My training includes a number of certifications in behavioral science.

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I have numerous certificates in behavioral science, demeanors, and non-verbal communication. I also hold a Bachelors in FWP Psychology.

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