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So I was talking to my girlfriend whom I hadn't spoken to in about a week, texting actually. After a good 20 minutes of texting I don't get one back right away, I wait for three minutes and the home phone rings. I go answer it and it's my grandmother whom I haven't spoken to for a while. I come back to my phone after about 20 minutes of being on the phone with my grandmother I return and see I have not 1, but 5 new text messages. The last of two say "we'll gn then" and a follow up text saying "f*** you". I responded with "sorry I didn't answer right away :( my grandmother called. Sorry and goodnight." But she hadn't said anything back yet. I have lied to her in the past but this was absolutely true. I have not lied to her since last as I have learned from my mistakes and matured. I guess the fact my grandmother called at 9:00 though doesn't increase the believability. I think she may believe I was ignoring her and playing video games because I left it on and she noticed I was online, but in reality I was indeed on the phone!  What do I do in this situation? How can I convince her I am telling her the truth?

Truth is something that is earned, not expected.  If you've lied to her in the past, I can see where she may be leary of what you say you're doing.  Be that as it may, after only 20  minutes of not responding is pretty stupid and childish to be upset over....even if it was because you were playing video games.  People have lives.  

As long as we're all using the word, how bout you tell her to grow the fuck up.

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