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So I was talking to my girlfriend whom I hadn't spoken to in about a week, texting actually. After a good 20 minutes of texting I don't get one back right away, I wait for three minutes and the home phone rings. I go answer it and it's my grandmother whom I haven't spoken to for a while. I come back to my phone after about 20 minutes of being on the phone with my grandmother I return and see I have not 1, but 5 new text messages. The last of two say "we'll gn then" and a follow up text saying "f*** you". I responded with "sorry I didn't answer right away :( my grandmother called. Sorry and goodnight." But she hadn't said anything back yet. I have lied to her in the past but this was absolutely true. I have not lied to her since last as I have learned from my mistakes and matured. I guess the fact my grandmother called at 9:00 though doesn't increase the believability. I think she may believe I was ignoring her and playing video games because I left it on and she noticed I was online, but in reality I was indeed on the phone!  What do I do in this situation? How can I convince her I am telling her the truth?

Hi Joe,

Ever heard of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? He lied so much about something that no one knew that he was telling the truth one day. That's the most important thing to remember about trust and making people believe you; credibility is important.

I would say that you should email your girlfriend or send her a message somehow, explaining what happened. Trust is a funny old thing when broken, there's no guarantee it can be rebuilt, even if someone thinks it can. You will need to work your trust back up again, slowly.

This issue is something small and shouldn't be focused on too long. The main thing is to communicate, get her to explain why she is angry/upset (not just on the surface but the root of it) and go from there. Also, try to treat her or do something she loves, in order to show her how much you care.

All the best.


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