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I like this guy from Church and we have known each other for about 6 months now and had been hanging out with other friends from the bible study group. At first, a few friends will tease him about me or will give him a grin when they know we went out somewhere (with other friends). Over Thanksgiving weekend, we had an outreach (he being the bible study leader, is the coordinator of the event) at one of the bible study friend's house. Out of the 15 to 20 new friends, almost half of them are my social friends. But he was the one whom invited them (I invited both of my social and bible study friends to pre-thanksgiving dinner where he met my friends and invited them for the outreach). After the outreach, he posted on FB to thank everyone for their hard work and said that he loves we all...But, here is the tricky part, he texted me personally and said that God has major blessing for me (since 10 of my social friends went), that he is touched and thanked me. Two minutes later, he sent another text saying "I love you - the brother in Christ loves you". Now, what does that mean? Does he have special feeling for me? I replied the next morning and said "don't thank me, thank God...give yourself a big round of applause for the successful outreach". By what I said, does it sound like I turned him down? I know that he really cares about me...but in what way? Thanks.

Hi Sammi,

Although I'm not great at answering questions that relate to religion, from what my family say about their Christian views, it sounds like he loves you in a Godly way, as if a strong familial love, like we love our family or close friends.

In any case, it does not sound like you have turned him down or brushed him off at all.

All the best.


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