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So i went to a boxing tournament and my coaches asked me if i wanted to go walking around the hotel. I said sure and we ended up going to this bar so i thought oh ok this is fine. We get in there and it turned out to be the strippers. Somewhere i told myself I'd never go because i think it's disgusting and demoralizes women. If my friends tried to take me I'd tell then to f**k off. So honestly i didn't realize it was the strippers because who has a strippers in a hotel?! Long story short i was in there fit about half an hour and felt suuuper uncomfortable. Anyways i made an excuse to leave but ifeel super guilty because my girlfriend doesn't know. She knows what i think about the strippers so i don't know how she would take it...she has said before that some things in or relationship she would rather just not know. Would this be one of those or should i tell her about it?

Hi Jordan, thanks for your question.

I've heard many cases of strippers being hired to show up at hotel rooms, so that's nothing new to me.  

This is a tough situation to be in, but you did the exact same thing that matches what you told your girlfriend - how you think the whole stripping thing is disgusting.  You got up and left.  If you were to tell her, be honest.  Say that you left, were very disgusted that they had these women in these rooms, and it made you feel uncomfortable.  You are being honest.  Tell her that you wanted to be honest with her, so that she knows you aren't hiding a thing.  

If you were to tell her, I'd approach it as such; tell her you were in a really uncomfortable situation after the tournament, and it really disgusted you.  Tell her that you went into a room that had strippers, felt uncomfortable and got up and left.  Just remember, you can't avoid these situations, but you can decide how to act.  Lots of times innocent parties with guys can turn into situations like this, but you can be the one who gets up and leaves.  That is what builds integrity and trust in a relationship.

I do believe that if your girlfriend trusts you and your word, she will appreciate the fact you stayed true to that word, and left.

I'm not a fan of keeping information bottled up inside, especially since you did exactly what would match your theory on these things - got up and left.

Hope this helps!

Elle :)

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