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I m.27 yrs old and I have been in relation for almost two years. 6
months back he left me and came back after 2
months apologizing and saying that he still loves
me. I accepted his apology and again we tied in a
relationship. Now for almost 2 weeks I observed
some changes in his behaviour . He was talking to
me but not wholeheartedly. I felt as if he is
finding reason for break up. As being a straight
forward person I directly ask him if he wants
break up i m ready to step back but he refused
and still dint find any improvement in his
behaviour . I got angry and to test him I
abandoned talking to him. For 3 days he tried to
contact me but I dint respond after than I dint
hear from his side. Now plz suggest whether I
took the right step. I m missing him now, will he
get back to me again himself or i contact him or
I forget him. Please tell what do if do now?


3 days is a long time to test your boyfriend and it may have left him insecure about your whereabouts. From what you have said, I feel that your boyfriend tried to contact you, which shows he does care. People exhaust their options after a while but he did try initially.

I would suggest that you contact him (ring him, so he can't just ignore your texts, as you did) and explain why you did it, even if you feel stupid in saying so. Explain how you felt and that you were upset with everything, maybe don't mention that you were testing him but it is important that he is aware and understands what's going on with you emotionally. Do not try to hurt him as payback for the way he made you feel.

Communication really is the key here. You need to talk about why he left, your insecurities from that and how wish to go forward.

All the best.


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