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Recently my girlfriend got extremely angry at me. I apologized and she ignored me for four days. Each day I sent only one email. She calls my phone on the fourth day and I miss it. I tell her through text I can't talk but would call back later when I could, she replies saying not to because it was just a butt dial. However, she texts me saying to call her if I want at the time she gets off work. I ask her how he has been doing and she says okay etc. then states that she doesn't even know if she wanted to talk to me and the only reason she was talking is because I wouldn't stop bugging her. I said I want to give you space if you need it I just wanted to know where we stood because this is the longest you've gone without talking to me. She didn't say anything, there was a silence for a minute and she told me her friend was calling so she would talk to me later. Later that night she asks if I wanted to play a video game with her (we usually play together) we enjoy ourselves and a friend was playing with us too. She goes to bed and I text her "sweet dreams and good night, I hope you feel better" she is sick as of now. Her response says "night and thanks". I don't hear from her at all tomorrow. I send an email stating I wanted to patch things up, give her the space she needs and still cared for her very much. She contacts me again around 9 to play the same game with the friend again. Today comes, she has yet to say anything to me but told me she plans to play with me again tonight. I don't understand, she tells me she wants and needs space but tells me she wants to spend time together at night when another friend is around. Should I contact her other than the game? This seems quite counter productive to me. How should I go about this?

Sounds like typical high school girl bullshit to me.  If she's in high school, you're going to have to just deal with it because they're all that way.  If she's out of high school, I'd tell her to make a decision and quit acting like she's still in high school playing mind games.  FYI, "I need space" typically means, "I don't want to be with you anymore but I don't want to look like the bad guy by dumping you straight out".  

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