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My boyfriend of 10 years never includes me or my kids (adults) christmas day. He says It is his time alone with his kids which he raised (adults) . Although we cannot be included, any friends his kids invite are included. I would think after dating over 10 years me and my famiy would be included. . I am not saying that he should not spend christmas with his children, but do not understand why he would not include me and my family but includes his childrens friends. Even if my children are spending they day with thier father, and I am alone he does not invite me to be included in his day. The last two years I have spent my day ALONE. Am I being selfish or over sensitive?

Hi Marie,

I donít believe that you are reacting in a selfish or overly sensitive manner at all given the circumstances. It is hard to imagine any legitimate reason for your boyfriend of 10 years to not want his girlfriend by his side on the very day that represents a gathering of family and love. Do you have a good relationship with his family, his children, etc.? The only thing I can imagine is that in some way he feels that it is easiest to keep the two families, yours and his, separate for a big holiday such as Christmas to avoid any feelings of ill will or confrontation. Even then, it is a rude and disrespectful gesture on his part, one I personally would not tolerate.

I would encourage you to work toward a resolution to this issue as it will eat away at you over the years until you implode. It is always best to face a problem head on, so that you can move forward with your life. Good luck and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  

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