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i love this girl that is 7 years younger .

me = 20
she = 13 to 14

we met in a online game .

she said she was 17 so i thought it was ok .

as the time passed i fell in love .

but with time she gave another age .

now she says that she is 15 .

i don't care because the mutual love was to great .

later on she said her real age 13 .

now i still don't care and the love has grown so much .

im not planning anything illegal since i don't think about sex .

i want her at my side for ever .

q. is this ok ?

Well Chris, thank you for your question and it seems you have quite a situation on your hands. You have fallen in love and have found that it is potentially illegal if you take it any further or at the least highly morally wrong....Well no matter how it got to this, here is the only thing to do now....introduce yourself to her parents and state your intentions are honorable, you will abide by their wishes and you are totally willing to wait for any further movement in this relationship...(remembering that even parents can not legally give you the OK to have sex with their 13 year old even if the girl complies), by you being a good man,(and I believe you are),and truly in love, this will be a cake walk compared to the complications and legal ramifications that can develop from an affair with a 13 year old. I understand love and it must be tearing you apart but for your own good, both families and hers please consider my words, or find someone else....this is not easy advice, it is hard but it is the very best I can give you from my heart. From my perspective as a counselor my advice would be "Run, do not walk away Run till your heart falls out of your chest) maybe then you can have a chance to look at it and have an honest chat about the real world. I wish I had better news for you. Good life...Great loves...

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