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Let me start by saying I have no idea what I am doing. I got out of a longterm relationship a year ago, and just started dating again. I have been dating this guy for a little more than 3 months. He seems to be a pretty decent guy, he is working on his PHD and is smart and nerdy. We originally met on an online dating website. Things have been going very slow, and at first I thought that was a good thing. We had a few dates spaced out over a month, then we started hanging out more,and then having sex.  I cannot read him for the life of me and I don't want to have a serious talk and drive him away if he's not ready for that. There are a few things that bother me because I don't know what they mean. One is that he never wants to spend the night. It is really hard for him to sleep when we do sleep together. He tosses and turns into the morning. He says he is used to sprawling out in his own bed. Do you think this is an honest sleep issue? He also doesn't like to cuddle at night. If we stay together, we will eventually have to sleep together so is there a way past that? Then, most of the time after sex he gets distant. Before sex he can't keep his hands off of me, but after he likes to be on the opposite side of the bed, then normally a little while later gets dressed and leaves. I am trying my best not to think the worst of the situation, but I just don't understand. Is there a issue that you can see here? He is hard to talk to. I wonder if it is something on his end because I don't usually have a problem with conversation. But then I sometimes hear him talk to his friends and he doesn't seem to have the same problem talking to them. So I wonder if it is a chemistry thing. The last thing is that between days where we see each other, he doesn't call or text. I don't call him because I fear that I may be intruding on his space or something. What am I missing here? I really like him, he seems to like to be with me... but there is something missing. I am afraid to communicate this stuff because I dont want to rush him on anything and ruin this, whatever it is. We just went "official" a month ago but have been exclusive for 3. Is the 3 month mark too soon for serious? Is this normal for he start of a relationship? Should I just let it play out or try to vocalize my feelings. The last guy I was with hated talking about issues. I am completely lost.

Thanks for any advice you can give


The three month mark is not to soon to become serious, however, being this fresh in the relationship should be blissful, this is still the beginning, you guys should be enjoying one and other and unable to keep your hands off of one and other, so there could be an issue. If you would not have stated that you guys made it “official” the relationship was sounding like a bootie call situation, and still does. If this guy does not call or text you in-between the days where you’ll don’t see one and other then he does not care about you and it is a bootie call situation, cause every man wants to know how his woman’s day started & ended so make note of that.  Click on this link and let me know if it helps you, this link has helped other…

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