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Hello. I need your advice. I am 33 year old guy who met 34 year old lady. We had 3 dates already. First one was walk in a park and a restaurant, second one was walk in the park, on a third one we went to a movie and then restaurant. In a movie, I held her hand and put my arm on her leg. I hugged her several times. During all the physical contact, she did not mind me touching her, but never tried to initiate physical contact herself. In the end of our last date, she said when that she will be available to meeting me next weekend.
We told each other a lot of info about each other.
I told her I would call her in the middle of the week.
Do you think it is OK to ask her to invite her to come to my place to watch a movie? If not, what do you suggest me to do? I do really like her. However, if I come to strong on her, I may lose her. Please advise.

I think you should go for it champ, I believe she likes you and the only one that can mess this up is you. The whole point of dating is to get to know the next person, so go get to know her and write me back to let me know how it all went. I will make this link available to you because this information is what you really need I have tons of male clients who swear by this e-product, check it out for yourself and don’t forget to update me MAN. Also check out this website filled with free tips and a free ebook about

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