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QUESTION: My question is should I be upset that my fiance has had sexual relations with someone who is an in-law of his family and arrives at every happy event for the religious and social gatherings of the family? I ask because I am upset. Especially because he wouldn't accept the same from me and asked me not to be in contact with any of my exes none of whom are in my family or will ever show up for the rest of his life.

He told me that there was an event that she would be at and said he wouldn't go to it because he knew it would upset me. Two days later he said he "had" to go to it because his mom said he had to. Should I be angry that he listens to his mother and lets go of my feelings for her? Or should I sit back and get used to his ex at family events and let his mom get the last word? Or is there nothing I can do so I accept or pack my bags?

ANSWER: need more long have you been seeing him?..when are you supposed to marry? long ago did he sleep with her? long and how serious was the relationship?..what's been the nature of their relationship since then?

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QUESTION: Seeing him 1.5 years now. To be married next year. He last slept with her ^ 6 months before meeting me. The relationship was on and off again sex for a few years or so he says but it looked somewhat romantic to me from the pictures he saved of her. The nature of their relationship has been hanging out at family events and at every major event in the life of the family.

ANSWER: so since meeting you, do you trust that he has no romantic interest in her?

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QUESTION: I don't think he is interested in her. I just don't like that when I want to hang out with his family I have to think about their past sex life. Family is hard enough. In laws are hard enough without adding sex exes to that for the rest of time.

so, i think you know the choices, acceptance, or leaving; what he did before you has nothing to do with you, so he can't be faulted and is not going to abandon family; and since i doubt you're gonna leave over it, your only option is to just let it go--he's with you, not with her, so i can understand mild irritation, but anything more you need to just let go; we all have a choice as to what thoughts we dwell on, what one's we dismiss...

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