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I was wondering how to approach the topic of showering with my girlfriend, we been together for like about a month, we have never seen each other naked before... also, I feel like saying "I love you " to her, and was wondering when will it be appropriate to say such phrase?

I told my GF I was "falling in love" with her after like a month.  She fed my ego and reciprocated the same feelings.  2 years later I know she thought I was a complete psycho for saying it so soon and almost never called me again.  Some people fall in love faster than others.  There's nothing wrong with having those feelings, but you don't want to blow a good thing.  If you can hold out another month or two, I would strongly recommend it.
As far as the shower thing, I don't know that I've ever struggled with that.  If you haven't even seen each other naked, I wouldn't start with a shower.  You see and smell all the good, but all the bad as well.  You will both probably be turned off pretty bad.  It's not like it is in the movies.  

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