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There is a girl at my university who is really popular and Iím just wondering if she may like me. Iím not used to girls fancying me, especially if their popular. From the past 2 months, I remember one time where we both passed each other in the uni halls, and I noticed her looking back at me, as she went in the opposite direction. Also, I was doing food shopping & saw her with her friends in the same place. As we were queuing to be served, she was at the front with her friends. As I was chatting to my friend, I looked ahead & caught her staring at me whilst my back was turned. As soon as I caught her, she Ďimmediatelyí looked away & didnít look back again. Even when she was passing by me to leave, she just looked straight ahead so I didnít think anything of it. A week later I was sitting in the canteen area with a friend & it was only us 2 inside. The girl suddenly came in with her friend & she noticed me straight away. The thing is, she kinda had that look about her as if to say ďitís that guy againí. After she got a snack, she decided to sit down on the table Ďnext to usí, even though she could have sat anywhere else in the canteen. Not only that, she sat in a position opposite me so she clearly got a clear look at me, which made me a little embarrassed.
Iíve never spoken to her but I have spoken to a friend of hers before. Now I could easily be wrong, but I have a feeling she may like me, even though every other guy wants her. Are any of these signs of interest or not? Iím 22 btw.

She may be attracted to you, but it's hard to say if she likes you. The only way you will find out is if you take action and make a move on ask her out. Otherwise even if she does like you and you don't do anything, she may soon like someone else.

Good luck.

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