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I was wondering how to approach the topic of showering with my girlfriend, we been together for like about a month, we have never seen each other naked before... also, I feel like saying "I love you " to her, and was wondering when will it be appropriate to say such phrase?

Women love alpha males, the kind of man that takes charge of every situation, and in this situation you can kill two birds with one stone. If I were you, I would set up a nice candle light dinner, with wine (you cook), nice music and at the end of the dinner YOU approach, take charge, start by grabbing you woman, kiss her, rip her clothing off, stick your head in-between your woman’s legs, and give her the best head she ever had in her life, and as soon as she begins to beg you to penetrate her tell her “not until I finish pleasing you, matter of fact baby get in the shower I want to lick your whole body”; what woman can resist that? Once your lady gets in the shower “be an Alpha Male” walk in the bathroom with no cloths on, enter the shower and finish the job, as your licking the small of her back whisper to her that you love her; just do it and check out this:
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