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I was wondering how to approach the topic of showering with my girlfriend, we been together for like about a month, we have never seen each other naked before... also, I feel like saying "I love you " to her, and was wondering when will it be appropriate to say such phrase?

I know it's hard not to tell someone how you feel when you love them but that it can also be just as hard to do so as well, as I am sure you realize this or you would not be be wondering when the time would be appropriate, a true inner feeling of love comes in time and "the time will tell you both" but as a rule after you've known each other for At least a few months, as for showering I would wait until after sex has come into your relationship and make it as special as the sex was, #maybe try a relaxing romantic herbal bubble bath with candles,rose petals, music and conversation#. Remember if this is the "one" you want to make memories to last a life time. Good luck and "Happy New Year"!!

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I was lucky to have a grandmother that was wise beyond her years and she passed information on to me. She gave me the most important piece of information anyone could possess in order to understand people. She taught me that everybody is the same.
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I can honestly say that any advice I give would be as unbiased as possible. Basically I just pass along things I have learned in life to other's in hopes that it will help them find peace. We do this by looking inside ourselves, learning to relate to other people, to sympathize with their pain and to truly try to help. for Romantic Gifts

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I have experience in newspaper and radio journalism. Lifelong observer of the human element. I have been in management most of my life. Military background. I have met many people from different cultures. I have traveled across the US several times and have had the oppotunity to see many facets of people. And I have made my own mistakes and learned from them.


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