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Hi Becky,

I am 22 and my boyfriend is 25 we have been together over a year. It was very much love at first sight and I love him very much, there is one issue with our relationship though, communication.

He is not good with keeping in contact at all, I always have to call him and most of the time I just get his voicemail, I always have to text first and half the time won't get a reply. I know how much he loves me and how committed he is to me and our relationship but sometimes I just want to talk to him at an unscheduled time but its near impossible!
I'm having a very hard time at the moment with uni stress and home life problems and he always says if I need someone to talk to I should go to him, but how can I if when I call him the only thing I hear is "Welcome to the O2 messaging service...".

I have asked my friends for advice but all they say is that I should stop contacting him first and leave it to him, but when I do that he worries that I haven't contacted him. I've asked him countless times if i'm too much and if he thinks i'm being clingy but he always says no and that he loves it when I text and call him because it makes him feel loved. He doesn't seem to realize that a text back or just a phone call just to say "I love you" would really make me feel loved in a time where I feel so low.

How do I bring up how concerned I am about his communication?

Thanks Emily


it's time to hear the reality of the situation. This 25-year-old little boy is using you to feel loved and fulfilled, but no where in his mind does he feel like he needs to return this kind of love back. What he is excited about is getting messages and phone calls from his beloved. It's sick, and frankly, it sickens me that your friends are encouraging you to play his game. Stop with the game. Be an adult, because 22-years-old is definitely an adult. You're in university, you're living your life, and here is your immature boyfriend ignoring you, all because he wants to look at his screen and see "well regardless of how my day goes, my girlfriend loves me and she is chasing me".

This is all a mechanism to help him keep his low self-esteem high enough to continue in life.

Hope this helps,


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