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So i had my eye on this girl in my music class. We both sat on two different sides of the room, so we never talked, much make any eye contact. With a few week left in the semester we both left class at the same time during a test and i started to talk to her, we were both polite and the conversation seemed nice. That continued one more time and it was nice, she seemed really cool. On the last day of class (albeit i was a little hyped up on caffeine; cramming for tests and all) we ended up leaving class at the same time and we began a conversation. again this time i used some corny line like “ how do you think you did on the test?” she said “not to bad, i think” so i said "...well than you have to text me and let me know how you did” it was corny but it worked she gave me her number. I texted her that night and we began a conversation. during the first night talking she told me that” she always wanted to talk to me but didn’t know how to start a conversation” at this point in excitement, (retrospectively thinking) i can see that maybe i appeared to “hyped” over text; using explanation points, saying how we seemed to have a lot in common and i even told her she was very cute to which she replied “ you’re not so bad yourself". I talked to her briefly that day; i was working and she was studying for her final test so i texted her happy studying and said "text me later" (being cutesy) she said “okay'. when my shift ended about 6-7 hours later i texted her and said hey hows studying and all that going she wrote back and we talked for a bit (getting to know her a little more) Suddenly i asked her a simple innocuous question (what she likes to do for fun) and she didn’t respond. I got nothing the next day and the day after that. The following day i texted her that we got our grades back and told her what i got in which she replied with hers. we talked briefly, she was on break at work. In response to her I’m on break text i said "speaking of breaks when ever you’re free we should hangout Yo”. i got no response. 4-5 days went by and yesterday i finally texted her and said hey i hope you’re feeling better ( she mentioned she was sick during one of our conversations ) than i said something cutesy again like “ apparently i don’t have any good friend because they all saw this movie without me wanna catch it with me on the weekend? maybe saturday? “ that was yesterday and i have still not received a response in almost 24 hours.

  I am just so confused even with a possible failed texting conversation or over hyped response she was the one that told me she always wanted to talk to me in class and also reciprocated when i told her she was very cute. is their something obvious i did wrong here? some would say I’m a pretty attractive guy (bradley cooper looking ) but still no response. what should i do and what do you guys think would be the reason for not even a polite reponse.

Hi Daniel,

It sounds like she may just like you as a friend. Either that or she's playing games with you.

As a general rule in all circumstances, my advice would be that if she doesn't reply the first time, don't send another after. Maybe talk to her casually for now and don't press the issue, if you still can't get a response leave it be.

If she does ignore you, it's not you, it's that she doesn't feel that way towards you. Don't take it harshly.

All the best!


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