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General Dating Questions/please help! its frustrating to deal with this everyday


First of all I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you taking your time to read, Thanks!
So, its about this guy that I like at university. we both are VERY good friends. I do quite well in most of my classes to so this year we decided to take all our classes together that way i would be able to help him. we did have a class together last year but we only talked occasionally (he was going through a breakup and i didnt really know him well enough to be there for him.) although i always liked him but since i knew he was involved I kept it to myself.
Anyway back to the question, I am frustrated since he is not asking me out or telling me how he feels. he is sending mixed signals! and its frustrating the crap out of me,
A few details might help you judge where we stand, so like i said earlier we have all our classes together at university so we are together almost all the time in university. He normally asks me to stay after class so tells me to take the same bus as him (I think because he wanted to hang out but I dont really know). I wanted him to know that i like very much and i care so bring him food (He's a food monster lol) he loves it and appreciates it every time i get him food, also i give him a ride almost 3 times a week when he doesn't have a car, he does care, this day after i had a 14 hour shift he took me out to a restaurant to eat at 12 oclock in the night just cause i said i didnt like what mommy made at home
but here is the thing he shows that he cares but I dont know what to think of it. We've had long conversations about what he'd or i'd want in future (in terms of family and children and also pets). he has told he about ALOT of things from his past his (pretty much everything important to him), about his parent, current things that are going on and also exs (that was a bit awkward for me but I listened and he mention it was important for him that i knew)
know its been more than 4 months that we've been so close and i am quite sure he knows I like him more than just a friend. and i REALLY dont wanna be the one asking him to date me. I want him to be the first.. but i am at a point where i just want to give up liking him soo much. I dont know what to do, i think i am sorta blurred since i like him so much i need an honest opinion. I sometimes feel that i am going out of my way to care for him but he is doing nothing back.
Thanks again so much for reading!


There is no much you can do to change him or make him more aggressive about asking you out, except giving hints that are more or less obvious. Use your creativity. You don't have to ask him out or use words like "date" etc... Instead, you can invite him to do something together and see if he makes a move while you are out. It could be as simple as coffee/walk or a movie, etc. I can't obviously know if he is too shy or if he is just not interested in you that way, but this is one way to find out how he feels about you.



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