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I will try to be as detailed as possible here.

I started talking to this girl that I met at the university that I attend. We had a lot in common. We both had just gotten out of long term relationships (though she'd been out of it a year and I just got out of it a month ago) in which we were cheated on. We liked a lot of the same things. She actually was the one who initiated the conversation and the process of us getting closer. She used to invite me to her house and what not and we would play video games and watch game of thrones and stuff like that. We texted each other all the time. Mind you, I'm no fool. I didn't usually initiate the texting or wanting to hang out because I didn't want her to feel as though I was smothering or overbearing (plus I was still going through a rough emotional imbalance myself). But we finally did go on a few dates and we kissed and stuff and everything was good (this lasted about two weeks). One day we were studying together and what not and she randomly just said "bye" in a friendly voice and left (semi-rudely). I was a bit flustered/taken aback by this. I have not texted her since that day and she hasn't texted me. It's been over a week since we have spoken (she usually texted me every day). I haven't made the mistake that most guys make in which I call/text repeatedly and push them even further away. I've attempted no communication whatsoever. Truthfully, I'm not that upset about the whole thing. I'm just curious as to what may have happened (though I do miss talking to her because I didn't think I could bond with someone on that level ever again after my ex)? Logically speaking, another guy coming into the picture seems most likely.

Any ideas?

Hi, Jake. This is not uncommon. Girls stop talking to guys or lose interest for all kinds of reasons. Having said that, I don't see a harm in simply calling her and checking on how she is doing (not texting). There is nothing wrong with one call.  
And if she doesn't get back to you, obviously we can't read her mind, but it could be another guy, or she is just not in the mood to date anyone now, or she has her own doubts, rational or irrational, about you.   

Perhaps she was offended by something when she left abruptly the last time you saw. You may consider asking her about that, if you get to talk to her. Other than that, you will just move on and focus on other things and other girls.



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