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I'm a 28 year old female... Hes 29. Been in a couple long term relationships that didnt
End up working out .. For the past year I've known this guy at work that I've come to adore..
We're both pretty careful about work policies and wed never do anything to ruin our career... Now
He's applied to get a new job which I'm pretty sure he's gonna get...
We've had a love hate relationship to a point where people think we should go out.. We've grown close to
Each other where we know what bugs the other, when to stay away, were considerate of each other.. We
Tease each other, etc.. Anyway, I've been upset recently because I m gonna lose him soon and I found
Out he may be traveling 50% of the time with his new job... I over heard him tell someone that "it's not like
He has anything holding him back so I'm okay with the traveling .." It hurt to hear that...
I need to tell him how I feel somehow... I've tried moving on several times but I feel
So close to him that I can't.. We have not much in common, yet I feel like something else draws us together .. And
It's not even that I wanna sleep with him.. I'm just content with him in the same room as me
Not saying a word .... Everytime I see him I just wanna hold him and just make sure he's happy...
In the end all I want is for him to be happy... I've never been friends with someone this long before I've dated them... He respects me a lot too... Idk why I feel this way.. And idk why I'm afraid of feeling this way..
What should I do? Every day I feel like my feelings are stronger... What if they never go away? I'm afraid this
Might be the real thing... I didn't even want children until I met him... But if I pull him out of the picture, I don't want
Children with another man... I feel silly for being afraid but I can't help it..


There is nothing to fear but fear it's self. The way you explained things is not clear, did you all sleep together...was there talk of a relationship? I don't know, but I do know that you have the power to get this man if you really want him. I need a little more info, but this is not a unique case on it's face. What you need to do is sit down and communicate with this man and express your feelings. Also, email me back with just a little more info; and I want for you to check out "Kara Oh", a friend of mine and an expert on male relationship behavior. There is a free video on her product page check it out, and her eBook has 4 1/2 star's...almost a 5, check it out  

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