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She asked her guy friend who is is only friends with to go with her to the school ball. This has made me really upset and wondering why she is showing me these signs to me and told her guy friend to go with her to the ball. I don't understand why she is showing me these signs and is taking her good guy friend (not boyfriend) to the ball.

I'm afraid that if I ask her out she will say no and the friendship will end which has happened before with my previous crushes. But I want to ask her out. I also have a gut feeling she likes me but I don't know if she actually likes me.

She wanted to know who I liked, I told her it was her and she was surprised but never said if she liked me back or not. Now she has been giving me signs that are confusing me, but my gut feeling says she likes me. I'm not sure what to do.

Signs she likes me

When I say hi to her, she says hi back, smiling, giggling and blushing.

She sometimes walks close to me with her shoulder touching mine

When she sits next to me, her leg or arm is touching mine.

She stretches her foot towards me and tries to touch my foot

Trusts me with her bag (currently in high school), money and phone

Stands close to me sometimes

seems comfortable next to me

Held/Grabbed my hand when she was drunk for about a minute comfortably

Her hand touches mine and instead of moving her hand away and saying sorry, she leaves her hand there.

Noticed her shoulders and feet face me

She stares at me sometimes

She sometimes leans towards me

Laughs randomly at things I say sometimes

She sometimes walks into me

When I went to the movies with her and a few friends, she was with me for most of the time. In the cinema it looked like she wanted to sit next to me, but due to one of the other friends in the group, she couldn't.

Signs she does not like me

She called me a creep. I kept my distance for about a week. During this time I noticed her stare at me a few times. After the week she called me a creep, she said sorry for what she did and started to show signs of liking me again.

Because of her guy friend who she says she is only friends with and shows a few of the signs of liking me towards him. Due to this and her calling me a creep, it has avoided me from thinking that she likes me more than friends and me asking her out.

Hi Bob,

unfortunately I don't know what she is thinking. There are several reasons why she asked that guy to the ball but that's not your concern, think about yourself and what you want to get out of this friendship from her. Ask her if she likes you because if not, then you will drive yourself crazy going around in circles trying to figure it out. It's great that you're trying to do a mental checklist of whether or not she feels for you, but my best guess is to just ask the source, since she's more likely to give you the answer (rather than your brain).

Good luck,


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