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General Dating Questions/Does it sound like he's into in me?


I'm 18, he's 26 about to be 27

He's been a friend of the family's since I was about 10, he always hangs out with my dad.

Ive always felt like we have really good chemistry. even my mom has made comments about us being together

whenever he comes over, he's always really flirty, like when he walks by, we'll like give each other a dirty look, just for laughs. Its like our thing to do.

I always catch him checking me out, but he isn't really sneaky about it, I feel like he kinda wants me to know he's checking me out. haha

Almost every time I walk into a room or he hears me coming, he always looks up at me.

One night, I was drinking with my family and he was over too, and I know I'm not old enough to be drinking, but I was at home.

Anyhoo, me and him were really close a lot that night, and we were in my garage alone and before he left to go to the bar, he was eating a pickle, and I was standing in the garage with him while he got ready to leave, and i was holding the door open for him and he stopped on his way out and just turned and we stood there and stared at each other, his face was like inches from mine and then he tried to put the rest of his pickle into my mouth but i didn't want it and then we just stared at each other again and I swear he was about to kiss me. But he snapped out of it and left.

The other night, him and my parents were talking about me being his designated driver for when he goes to the bar, and he said "you'll be able to drive my truck. And if anyone tries to hit on you, i'll kick their as$ and tell them you're with me" then he started laughing. My parents weren't in the room when he said this.

Him and my dad were in the living room the other day, and my dad said that me and this guy would make a really cute couple, and that my mom agrees. I wasn't in the room, but i didn't hear him say anything.

I had a guy over one time who I was kind of seeing, and they met each other, and afterwards, this guy would ask me about him. Like if I'm seeing him again, or he would ask what his name was or if he tried to kiss me and what not.

He's just really flirty with me all the time.

Does it sound like he's into me??
Let me know! :)

Hey Erika,

it definitely sounds like this man has a thing for you and you are definitely a sight for sore eyes for him. But here's the question, what's it to you!? He's almost 10 years older than you and you're a young 18 year old... you should be careful with what you are messing with here. Also, since he is a friend of the family, do you think your parents would be o.k. with this going on? This is all hypothetical here, but here's my advice, lets say he is hot for you, I would still be careful. It seems a little weird to me that a man of his age would be hitting on a girl of your age. Though you aren't that young, the comparison from where he's at in your life, to where your at in your life is light years away.

Anyway, let me know what else you'd like to know but from the sounds of it, I just think that it could get sticky.

G-d Bless,


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