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Hi Michael,
Im 18 and I've been dating my boyfriend for a while, and I get along with his family great. He and my parents also have a great relationship. This week they left on a family vacation to Hawaii, which they invited me on a few months ago.I'm going to Mexico myself in a few weeks, and at the time of the invite we hadn't been dating long, so I politely declined. Today was their 4th day there, and they don't get back for another 10 days. Knowing we missed each other, his mom suggested I look at last minute flights and join them for a second week. I appreciated this, but it makes me feel like she thinks I'm sitting at home doing nothing but miss them. She talks a lot in ways that make my family/lifestyle seem inferior. They're a much more materialistic family than mine, and value things more the quality time. This is only one specific example, and it may not seem to you like she does feel superior, but do you have any advice on how to deal with her feeling superior to my mother and family? Thanks so much,

Hi Kayla,

Consider this. You have the power for how you chose to view a situation and feel about it. Maybe your boyfriend's mom is very confident and thinks she and her family are awesome. Maybe her pride seems a bit much to you or that what she values is different than what she was raised to value.  I don't know of all of the things she has said to you or to what extent they were specifically directed at you or your family and maybe she even is a bit of a snob. However consider that maybe you are being overly sensitive to something that she does not intend to be there. Perhaps if she both genuinely likes you and thinks that her family has an awesome life that she thinks inviting you to join them is being gracious and she is doing it because she likes you, not because she thinks less of you. If you were her and you genuinely liked your son's girlfriend would you want to make sure she didn't feel left out? If you thought being with you and your family traveling to exotic places was the most awesome thing every wouldn't you want to share the experience with others that you like as well?

Consider that you might be feeling a little left out, which is perfectly normal and regret feeling like you are missing out, even as you feel that you made the best decision for you under the circumstances. Remember you can't always control how other people think about you, but you can control how you think about yourself, and this will tend to lead one way or another to how others think about you too. Rather than ask how you can deal with her feeling superior to you and your family, ask how you can feel about who you are and what you are doing in life. It sounds like you have some good things coming up like a trip to Mexico.

Instead I would make a list of all of the good things you like about yourself, your family, what you are doing in your life. if you aren't entirely happy, ask yourself what things you would like to do that you aren't doing yet or that you will be doing in the near future.  

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