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Dear Mr Hurst,

My name is Ryan and i live in Germany. I have recently finished university and i found work in Japan (away from Tokyo. I'm not too keen on otaku/anime culture). However, when i was packing my things, ready to go, i found an old love letter from my girlfriend from school. I remember her saying that she was going to study in a Japanese university to be with her parents (she's east asian) and she stopped communicating with me as a long distance relationship didn't really work (we tried for a few months).

So, i e-mailed a few of her old school friends, asked around with a number of people and found out which university and campus she went to. All i need to do now is meet her and sweep her off her feet again (she's an incredibly beautiful woman). But how am i meant to do so?
I can't exactly walk up to her campus, say hello to a girl i haven't seen for 4 years (we're both 22 now) and tell her i tracked her down to the university she goes to; she'll think i'm a psycho freak. I need a way of winning her heart that doesn't look like i've been planning all this all along, but fate has been extra kind.

P.s. i'm quite sure she wouldn't recognise me, so i could use my japanese name first and reveal myself with my true name later. I don't know.

She doesn't have a boyfriend, especially because it takes a lot to impress a girl like her

Yours sincerely,


There are a few options here.

You could just walk right up to her and say hi out of the blue, however if you have to go out of your way to make it happen then it might seem like too much. Grand gestures sometimes work in the movies but in real-life they stand a high risk of backfiring and putting too much pressure on the situation and making you look desperate. So I think you are right not to try and track her down for a planned "chance" meeting in person.

Why not respond with the actual truth, and send her an email / Facebook message, etc. saying something like "I am back in Japan after finishing college and I'd like to meet you, talk and catch up a little?" Keep the conversation light without lots of pressure and expectations and give it a chance to see if the chemistry is still there.

I would caution against assuming that she is unobtainable and that you have to do something extra special in order to win her over, rather than just be who you are.  People change and you can't always just pick up where you left off before, however maybe something can develop if both of you can relax and be the people you really are.  

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