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"Hi my name's Ian. I'm 23 and I work at the local Swiss Chalet in town. There's a young lady at work I have quite a little crush on named Amber(age: 18), we've worked together for the last 2 years(I think) We've recently started talking and hanging out a little bit( I invited her to my housewarming party along with other people from work and my other friends) we get along great(as far as I can tell) I can really make her laugh( she laughs easily so it's not that hard to do). On some days after work she drives me home,so it's just the 2 of us alone. I can talk to her easier then other girls I've had crushes on, in the past. I want to ask her out and it's not that I don't confidence in my shelf or anything like that, it's that I haven't ask a girl out since the beginning of highschool(so about 9 1/2 years!) and not sure on how to do it without making it awkward at work or ruining the friendship

any advice would be helpful


p.s. she's kinda one of those playful flirty types so I don't know if she's just teasing me as a friend or something else"

Ian...realising you are enough is all the confidence you need. Ask her out the same as you would ask out a male friend to hang out with you. It's really that simple. The more layers you add and the more complicated you make it...the more you will kill the attraction. Assume your the bomb and assume she likes you already. At the same time you have to be outcome independent so if she "rejects" you, you really can't care about it.  

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