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QUESTION: Hi Michael,

There's a man I'm attracted to, but there's something I find very annoying about him: he's too into the media. I find this character trait to be very feminine because usually males are not into celebrity gossip. He is also especially into women into the media, which annoys me the most because women in the media are the looks of perfection which I'm not. The women are also very overrated and not worthy to be so discussed about. Can you tell me more about this type of men and their preferences?


ANSWER: Simple answer: If his interests and the meaning you give to them bothers you then don't date him.  Maybe you find this annoying and shallow and maybe even gay from your perspective. Or maybe the reason it bothers you is because you are trying to compare yourself to these "women in the media" and are jealous of them. Instead be happy with yourself and stick to spending time with men whose interests you admire or at least don't have contempt for. Consider that holding onto envy or resentment might not serve your best interests for finding happiness.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I suppose it is easier said than done when I can just not date him. Is hard to get over someone, and I'm just wondering what type of men is he. But if is just a simple character trait I guess I'll just have to accept and follow your advice.

When you say you are wondering what kind of man he is, does this mean you want to no more about this guy or you want to attempt to create a rule that defines the set of beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, intellect, sexual preferences and libidos that a guy might have is obsessed with women media stars. Granted my first guess would have been to say he was gay and / or annoyingly a shallow  and you should set him up with Perez Hilton. However if you actually want to find out what kind of guy he is, then choose to set aside any preconceived notions and get really curious, almost like a true social anthropologist. As what is it about annoying media hot chick #1 makes her so compelling / popular, etc. and then listen without arguing. Listen to the words he uses at first with no judgment (you can do that later when you are on thinking by yourself.) Consider that what is most interesting is a certain social quality they carry about them, a certain self-assurance or boldness, willingness to take risks and run against the grain if she is right. Maybe you will find that the conversation shifts to other topics that you do have more in common. I can't tell you how many times I thought my being a huge college football fan might get in the way for me, but instead we often found common ground on other issues, or they became football fans :)

It is possible that underneath a facade of this man (who might also seem kind of gay) is actually someone who recognizes more than just how hot a woman looks and also values personality traits that are admirable.  Or there is the possibility that maybe even after you give things a fair shot with an open mind and  suspended a quick rush to judgment, that yes he is dumb, shallow, closeted gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) in a way that you find annoying and not date worthy.

If you want to find out if he is gay or not, and you think he is bangable enough (at least for the sake of setting your mind as ease as to whether he is gay or not) just make a direct pass at him like he is the hottest guy you would ever want to bang and see if he stops you. I can tell you this, straight men with a normal, healthy libido normally have a very hard time saying no to a sexy outfit and a woman who has her sights set on banging him.  Just dress in a way that emphasizes your goodies, put on some makeup and take the conversation in a sexual direction. Trust me, things will happen. Then you will either discover that A) He is gay and not interested in you or any other women B) Not gay, but for some strange reason passes up a chance for sex C) Will bang you at least once or twice D) Will bang you, and bang you, and become increasingly intrigued about you and then who knows where the story goes from there. :)  

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