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This guy and I have dated off and on for about three years. We've dated other people during that time, but we always seem to end up back together. There are a lot of trust issues between us. We are talking about getting back together. We've had a long break, and I really want everything to work out this time. Do you have any advice on how we can resolve our trust issues and just be happy and have fun without all of the suspicion and jealousy?

Hi Becca,

You really need to both work on the issues that are the source of problems you have with trust. If it's jealousy with other people, make sure you invest enough time with each other weekly, 'date nights' are important in making sure you know you value each other. Remind one another what you love about them from time to time. Talk more about your daily life, let him meet your friends, don't keep secrets and try to think about situations as if you were in his shoes. Talk about your trust issues and what you're feeling but don't focus on the past.

There is no 'ideal' way to get over trust issues. Just enjoy it, don't think too much and if you're spending time with the opposite sex as friends, maybe give your partner a subtle heads up so he doesn't over think it. These things do take time and if you both have psychological disorder, it may not be that simple. In which case, you may require couples therapy.

I wish you the best.


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