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I have been dating a single mother for 3 months now. I am a single father. Things have moved very quickly between us. We are engaged and things seemed to be going well. Lately, she's been getting very annoyed with little things I do. She is going to school and is stressed from finals. Regarding her son, I help out with him as much as I can. Take him to practice, school, pick him up etc. she has been very cold lately and is finding everything wrong with any little thing I do. We will be ok for a week, then I will do something to annoy/upset her and she begins to pull back and act completely different. We have talked about it and says she needs time to herself. She says she doesn't know why she feels this way. I just feel that if I can look past her flaws and love her, why can't she do the same? She says she truly does love me and want to be with me. I'm just not sure how to handle this. Any help would be great!

It seems that she's not paying much attention to the fact that she is being ungrateful to you and the services you have taken upon yourself. You have been extremely helpful with her son, which is desirable and admirable to most women who are single with children themselves.

I suggest you have a serious sit down talk with her and explain that you are NOT her emotional punching bag and if you two are going to be in this for the long hall, she is going to have to try and make these arrangements met. If she is unable to fulfill those requirements, you two should seek professional help from a couples therapist, where he/she can provide strategies and tools to help you meet the greatest relationship you two essentially want to be in. Understand that you love her for the right reasons, but G-d is presenting you with tough times too to test whether you are serious about her or not (and vise versa).

G-d Bless.


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I can answer almost everything. I am religious person who strongly believes in G-d. If spiritual guidance is also something that you are seeking for, then I am careful and competent in that region. I am also very aware that it's hard to ask for help, with that being said, I am sensitive to others feelings and have gone through hardships in relationships, which demonstrates a quality of empathy and consciousness when it comes to everyday dating situations. I can answer break-up confusions/confusions in dating in general. I can NOT read minds and can answer to the best of my ability in regards to the detail you provide me. With that in consideration, please do not send me pages of information. Pick the most important and effective way to explain the problem and we can make this our problem and our solution together.


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