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There is a guy that I had the biggest crush on for just under three years. After three years, I finally got my chance and he asked me out. We have gone on about ten dates and things have moved very slowly. We only see each other about once a week and don't have any contact with each other, other than that. I am very attracted to him and he makes it apparent that he is also, but we just don't have intellectual chemistry and really the only reason we have made it to so many dates is because we are both bored. Is there any way to build a deeper connection?
Also, our last date, we finally kissed for the first time. It was short, but not a peck. And it wasn't a "rock your world" feeling. The next day I wasn't planning on seeing him, but I ran into him at a social event. He acted really weird, like he didn't want to talk to me and sort of ignored me. We haven't spoken since. Does this mean it's over?
I am just very confused. Even though he isn't someone I could spend hours talking to, I still enjoy the bit of companionship on the weekends and feel sad that things might fizzle out. Is the mediocre relationship one worth fighting for?

Hello Maggie!

Wait a minute. After 10 dates you've only had a short kiss? Sister, this isn't about a lack of intellectual chemistry - it's a lack of ANY chemistry!

Here's the problem:

You've spent 3 years building this guy up in your own mind (and likely, he did the same with you). Now, what you're finding out about him doesn't match the picture you have in your head. After 10 dates you're both not feeling it and frankly, how could you?

The best relationships are built not on tons of time, but on tons of passion. You've spent so much time trying to get somewhere that you've wound up nowhere.

If you were to settle now for what you have you'd always be longing for what you want. Yes, these sorts of relationships can work out, but they rarely do. People are driven by passion, not familiarity.

I suggest you take the lesson from this that you need to move things forward when you have a chance and not to just sit on things hoping it'll all come together. It never does.

Best regards...

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