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I am pretty sure this girl likes me because I have heard from my friends and her friends that she does, plus she always likes everything on my facebook. Whenever I try to talk to her the conversation begins with hey, hows it going, hows work etc etc.

The thing is she never asks me anything, its almost as if I am sitting there talking to my myself, I ask her a question to get the conversation going but after a short quick answer she leaves it at that. Is she not actually interested in me because she never starts up a conversation or asks me anything? (Even though she continues to kind of place herself around me)

Is there a full proof way I can get her to talk to me about herself, I want to know whats going on in her life.

Or could she be waiting for me to continue to put in effort so she can be sure I like her before she reveals anything on her own? (freely)

Hi Ted,

Thank-you for your question. One thing I wasn’t clear on from your question is whether or not the interactions with this girl are taking place face-to-face or over the internet (Facebook, IM, etc.)? If they are not taking place face-to-face, that is the first change you need to make. Always strive to have as many interactions with a girl you’re interested in face-to-face so that you can see her body language and other clues as to her romantic interest level in you. Now, if these interactions you speak of are taking place face-to-face, then several things could be going on. The most obvious is that she is a very shy and/or reserved person and is nervous around you because she does in fact like you, or she may just be this way in general. The other is that she may have very little to no personality and having conversations with her will be like watching paint dry. I used to date a girl many years ago who was this way. She was very pretty to look at but her personality was about as dull as it gets. Only you can answer these questions for yourself.

There is nothing “full proof” when it comes to women and dating. There are things you can do and say that work MOST of the time, but nothing that works ALL the time. If you are currently asking her open-ended questions rather than those requiring just a yes or no answer, my guess is that this is a personality thing with her. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to date a girl who’s about as much fun as watching bread rise. My suggestion is to go up to her and tell her you’d like to get to know her on a more personal basis and ask her to meet you for a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks. If she agrees, she has some romantic interest in you as even though the coffee date is not a serious date (by design), she knows the intent behind your asking.

Meet her for the coffee date, spend 2 hours MAX with her, keep it light and funny, and go from there. If that goes well, it’s time for a lunch or dinner date when you call her the week FOLLOWING your coffee date. I hope that helps. I wish you luck!

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