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Hello.  First, let me give you some background.  My husband and I have been married for 15 years now. We both understand human nature and have agreed that we have somewhat of an open and honest relationship. He is my first and only partner, but I cannot say the same about him.  My mom was very wild and a party girl so I was basically in my shell and did not like to have much fun as far as going out and drinking and such.  So we agreed early on that if I ever got the wild hair and wanted to become adventurous with another person, he would help.  

I have found that person.  

I work with him and we are/were flirty, and his mind just drives me crazy.... In a good way.  He is so smart, handsome, and funny.  We have been work friends for about 2 years now and just recently did these feelings develop.  I have tried to play it cool, and be myself, but as the song says, "it comes out wrong like a cry for help."  He has teased me a little bit about the crush, so he kind of knew.  We went to lunch and he asked me if I had an office crush.  I told him that I had had a crush on him.  He was asking me if it had gone away, and if it was still there, and when it started.  I told him it was waning because I had gotten to know him better and was more comfortable around him.  He was fine and even said that he was not freaked out when I asked him and he said that things would be normal and we will even continue our once a week lunches.  

Now he is acting a little odd,  like he is a little less flirty, but still comes by to talk to me every day.  He keeps wanting to make plans for us to go out, but things don't align and we have yet to.  I am confused and not sure how to act now.  My husband says to be normal but I am afraid to flirt now for fear he thinks I am coming on too strong.  He is married as well, and always makes comments as to how unhappy he is, and how his wife does not like to have fun and it is always around me when he says it. It is like he lets me in, then pushes me out.  Is he conflicted?  Please help!  I am afraid I ruined everything now by being honest with him and I am confused and not sure how to act now.  

My husband says to be normal but I am afraid to flirt now for fear he thinks I am coming on too strong.  Please help...

neither of us knows what's in his mind; we know that if he's interested, he'll ask you out; until then, assume that won't happen, which may be a good thing, because usually such arrangements involving work associates AND other significant others, don't end well....

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