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Hi. I'm a college sophomore who's looking to try dating next year. I fell really badly for a girl last year that didn't work out in the end, but over her now and want to try again next year. Learned to enjoy the experience as it goes and not get so wrapped up by one girl, and I feel like I'm more ready for it now.

Guess I just need some advice on where to begin in the fall. Thought about online dating, but not sure. Seems a little desperate right now. How can I meet girls who I can get to know and maybe ask out in college, and how do I know they're right (so I'm not asking every girl I meet on a date)? Thanks for your help!

For what it's worth, I'm not looking for a hook-up or just sex. I'd like to get to know a girl, develop a relationship with her that could lead to more when it's the right time.

Thank-you for your question Chris. First off, congratulations on going to college. College is a really exciting time where you will learn a lot about yourself and people in general. It sounds like you have exactly the right attitude about going into the dating world. You have to learn to enjoy the experience for the experience itself rather than getting too wrapped up on any one girl. That attitude will increase your success in dating. The reason for this is the majority of women out there like a man who is a CHALLENGE. If you go about dating as though you are just enjoying the experience without taking it too seriously, girls will pick up on this, and it will become an attractive quality about you. Remember this: you cannot go into a relationship too slowly, only too quickly. So take your time and enjoy.

I agree with you that online dating is a desperate measure at this stage in your life. College is where I dated the most girls ever in my life, so I know the opportunities are there for you. Keep your eyes open. Inadvertently, you will find girls on campus that you are interested in. They may be in your class, a friend of a friend at a party, etc. You will need to learn what “buying signals” look like when a girl is interested in you. Could be laughing at your corny jokes, could be her making the extra effort to touch you physically, could even be acting shy around you. Meeting girls in college is mostly about having courage in the beginning, then knowing what to do once she is interested.

Rather than attempt to teach you all of this stuff here, I highly suggest you go online and purchase a book called “The System” by Doc Love. It may seem a bit expensive and is written in a quirky fashion but the information in this book has proven invaluable in my dating life. I have tested it in the real world and it works! It is the best book on dating and cultivating a winning attitude that I have ever read. I could sum it up by saying: be a confident gentleman who is a challenge. Of course that won’t really mean anything to you until you read the book. Read it over and over again as you will absorb different information each time you read it cover to cover.

I wish I could share more advice, but this forum is limited. Get the book. Read it. Live it and you will soon discover very interesting things about women, dating and relationships. I wish you luck!

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