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I am 35 and have never been married and don't have children. I haven't dated very much, either and have only had a couple of brief relationships. I am on a major dating site and am having no luck at all, despite my best efforts. I am selective, but my standards are not TOO high, either.  I am really frustrated. I live in a smaller city-between small and medium sized, about 140,000 population.  I do not know people who know people to set me up with a guy. I try not to feel sorry for myself, but I do get depressed and very lonely often.  I have not had sex in a few years, and this is really frustrating too. I have sex toys, but you can only do that so long, and it would be nice to have a real guy. I'm tempted to even sleep with a guy who I have been talking to who is married.  What else can I do to meet someone?  I don't understand why I am not having any luck on the dating website and am starting to really feel like I wasted my money. Sometimes I feel like I should maybe take a break for a while trying to find someone, but at the same time, I have sexual desires like everyone else. And of course, I want a real relationship in addition to sex.  What are your thoughts and advice?

Hi, Hallie. The best way for me to be able to help is to take a long at your site. Please feel free to send a link to me at admin @ or copy/paste your profile with pictures and I will analyze it to determine why you don't have much like on that dating site.



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