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Hi. I fell for a girl last year but things didn't turn out well in the end. Now I want to try dating again next year, but have little experience to work on.  How can a college guy feel more confident when it comes to asking girls out and dating in general, without asking every girl he meets?

Hi Chris,

It takes a little bit of work, but the easiest way to build confidence is through a bunch of successes. I started with having conversations with random people guys and girls it doesn't matter. It builds your confidence with being able to hold conversations. Then I flirt with the girl at the checkout stand and my waitresses. Confidence is a learned skill. You have to build the skill by having positive interactions. It makes it so much easier when the girl you really like comes into your world and you flirt a bit and then simply say I had fun chatting with you lets go out next Monday.

It's practice and anyone can get good at it you have to just make the effort to talk to more people. Ask questions at the grocery store or coffee shop like, what is that drink or is that (pointing at something in her cart)good? It is amazing how a stupid question like that can lead into a conversation and then a date.

I hope this helps

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