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Hello James,

I met this guy on okcupid and we agreed to hangout, get some coffee. We both agreed that we were looking for nothing serious, pretty much small fun and sex. But we hit it off a lot more than I thought we would. Our date lasted over 4 hrs and about 2 hrs in, he layed his hand out on the table to hold mine! I was by no means expecting that, he could tell, but I did hold his hand. We got a little more intimate but we didn't have sex the  first date; he made sure to let me know that I was really "cool", he liked me.But the next day we went to an art gallery, and then we did have sex.He said he'd call me in a week, he told me he'd be visiting family at the beginning of this week. I asked him a question yesterday via text and got only one response and not another to my second reply.I'm just wondering what I'm getting myself into! What does he want? He keeps initiating romantic intimacy, he'll say things like I'm just looking for an excuse to kiss you, but I feel like he won't be outright with me. I don't know how I should feel because I'm beginning to like him, but I am so confused as to whether I'm allowed to.

Thank you James!


Honestly I'm not sure what typically stems from a friends with benefits type relationship, but if you think he is not being completely honest with you than I would not assume the two of you are actually in a relationship at this point. Sex on a first date? You must be really really really ridiculously good looking. lol. I would just play it by ear. Doesn't seem like anything too long-term yet.

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