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Baggio wrote at 2013-11-07 16:25:21
Hey there,

To answer your first question - Is it silly for a dog to cause a breakup? Absolutely not!

All dogs SHOULD be well behaved, and if they aren't, this is the owner's fault, and without meaning to sound accusatory, in this case, your boyfriend's.

Everybody (okay, maybe not everyone) likes a well trained, well mannered dog who is pleasant to play and interact with. Nobody likes a dog who exhibits the same behavior as your boyfriend's dog.

I think you should just be upfront about it. There's no roundabout way around this, I'm afraid. You simply have to communicate the issue and express the fact that you're upset by this. THEN, you can come up with a compromise or somehow. For example, leaving his dog behind when you're dating, or when your boyfriend comes over, getting your boyfriend to commit his dog to dog training classes, or have him properly discipline bad behavior when you're around.

Absolutely no harm in that.

If your boyfriend values you, he'll respect your input and do something about it - after all, a problem exists - and it's making you uncomfortable - there's no point in taking it all in yourself - just tell it to him.

Hope this helps some!

Good luck with your problem!

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