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Dear Mr Ouellette,

I have been dating this woman for about three months now and everything seems to be  going fine in my opinion.  This relationship is a long distance relationship and we have managed to see each other
about seven times now with two occasions of about five days together.

We are both seniors that have gone through  divorces and I'm sure neither of us wants to make another mistake . The other day I asked her if she had any concerns that needed to be discussed and her reply was that she thought I was set in my ways .  She couldn't say what they were and to be honest I must agree I am set in my ways regarding certain things.  I'm willing to compromise and talk things over.

I don't want to change her but on the other hand should she accept me the way I am ?   How can  I find out  if this is going to be a big issue down the road ?  

Thanks for taking your time to read my concerns,


Hi Robert,

This is a common problem and you are right to think it can be a concern. Everyone gets set in our ways and the older we get the more set we become. I think the best way to resolve these issues is to talk openly about them. Let her know the things you are willing to compromise on and the ones you are not. It will only be an issue if you both have the same issues you are not willing to compromise on.

The way you are is an ever changing process. Look at how different you are now compared to when you were 25. With every relationship, we change a little and sometimes a lot. If you like the change she is good for you and if you don't then it might be time to look elsewhere.

I hope this helps.

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